Ralf loves giving treatments all over the world, wherever he is needed!

And when it comes to Distance Energy Healing you can receive the treatment wherever you are, as it does not matter where Ralf is at that moment.

He owns a cabin in Sweden near a beautiful lake, travels a lot, and envisions having or sharing a house on Fiji, or on one of the islands in the South Pacific, from which it will be easy for him to travel and give treatments in South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the entire Pacific region.

Ralf was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, has lived in many countries and speaks fluent English, Dutch, and Swedish. He has a deep sense of spirituality. This inspired him to travel to Turkey to explore Sufism, and to India, where he was exposed to Buddhism and meditation. He has a wide interest in the teachings of spiritual masters, old and modern.

During a trip to Thailand in 2000 he received a Thai Massage and this was the starting point for his calling to work with different therapies and Healing. For many years he studied Thai massage and Shiatsu. Since 2003 he has offered treatments professionally. Through time he has expanded his awareness of the wonderful Healing Energy which permeates all his treatments.

Ralf passionately believes that he is here to give great Healing Energy treatments to help you. You are very welcome to book a treatment!

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