Money is energy. It is love. It represents what a product or service is worth to you, and others.

The amount of money paid for a treatment creates the expectation for a certain result, rightly so, and yet it is important to be detached from a certain outcome. It is with openness that the treatment, Healing Energy, and anything that might happen before, during, or after the treatment, works best.

Ralf suggests that you pay “With the Heart,” which means that you pay what you are able, or want for the treatment.

If it is difficult for you to decide how much to pay, the suggested sliding scale is

20-120 €, 20-120 USD, 30-180 AUD, 200-1200 SEK for Energy Healing, Distance Energy Healing, Custom Treatment, Thai Massage or Shiatsu.

You can pay by using:

PayPal (preferred):

cash (even by mail, and any currency)

Swish (Sweden): 0702887248 (Annica)

International Bank Transfer: (please ask for details).

Please pay right before, or right after you receive the treatment.

If you for whatever reason do not feel satisfied with the treatment you will get the money back.

Ralf can send you a receipt via email

(He will only use your email address for sending the receipt).

With light. With Love. Namaste. Welcome!