Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Phaen Boran) is a revitalizing energy massage with continuous rhythmic flowing movements, and points pressed on energy lines along your body.

You receive the Thai Massage on a thin mattress and you should wear loose-fitting clothes. There are many stretches, many of which resemble yoga poses. That’s why Thai Massage is sometimes called ‘Thai Yoga Massage’ or ‘Yoga for lazy people.’

Since each individual is unique, Ralf customizes the Thai Massage to you, in the moment. He always has a short talk with you before the treatment to get to know you, and to ask about your condition.

The 90 minutes Thai Massage begins with Ralf working on your feet and legs. Ralf incorporates Thai Foot Massage techniques and foot reflexology points. Then he stretches and massages your entire body. He uses his thumbs, elbows and feet to apply exact pressure. At the end of the Thai Massage you receive a long and superbly relaxing Thai Head Massage. The Thai massage can be a strong treatment at times, but it never hurts. Ralf is very sensitive and because of his many years of experience he knows how strong-soft, long-short he should press. It is possible for him, and appreciated by many, that he gives a Thai Massage which is quite soft while still using all the Thai Massage techniques.

Thai Massage, like all of the other treatments, is an energy treatment.

Ralf is respectful of Thai traditions and Traditional Thai Medicine. Before the Thai Massage he prays to The Buddha, Healing Energy, his teachers, and you. After the treatment, he thanks all of them and you.

Sometimes one feels tired after the treatment. That’s ok. It is advisable to drink a lot of water after a Thai Massage treatment.

For the strongest and most lasting effect it is recommended that you take regular Thai Massage treatments. It is especially recommended to take a few Thai Massage treatments a few days or a week apart if you have a specific problem.

Apart from studying at the Traditional Thai Massage schools Mrs. Nit, Wat Pho and Loi Kroh, Ralf also studied Advanced Thai Massage with Itzhak Helman in the lineage of Asokananda and the Sunshine school. Itzhak shared the techniques of Piched, Chaiyuth and Arno L’Hermitte in his classes.

You can prepare yourself for the Thai Massage by being calm and open. It is with openness that the Thai Massage, Healing Energy, and anything that might happen before, during or after the treatment works best. On the day you receive Thai Massage, it is beneficial that you treat yourself to a calm day and be in a meditative state.

Thai Massage is wonderful.

You are very welcome!

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