A great, powerful, and loving Healing Energy is channeled by Ralf. This Healing Energy finds its way exactly where it needs to go, to mental, physical, or emotional ailments, to any part of you that needs healing. You can be anywhere in the world to receive this Healing Energy.

People recount sensations of relaxation, the cessation of specific imbalances, and experience how Healing Energy works in their bodies.

”In September 2019, I was diagnosed with a neurological condition which called for treatment. My right leg isn’t functioning the way it should. I visit a university hospital every tenth week to check the condition of my body, but I have to say that Ralf Effting’s treatments have been far more rewarding so far.”  continue reading

Ralf has professionally offered Shiatsu, Thai Massage, and Energy Healing since 2003. He is a licensed Shiatsu therapist and has completed studies in Advanced Thai Massage. Ralf is incredibly grateful to be in contact with Healing Energy, which guides him, and permeates all of his treatments. Ralf holds a holistic view of oneness of person, world and universe. Since each individual is unique, each treatment is customized to you here and now. He gives treatments worldwide.

During 2020 (Corona), and in general, there has been some criticism and doubts about the effectiveness of Distance Energy Healing. Ralf has on numerous occasions received powerful Distance Energy Healing treatments from other therapists and has no doubts. He would also like to point to the following critical article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4654780/

Ralf believes that his vocation on earth is to help people by giving treatments. It is was he loves doing most in his life! He also believes that if you are unable to pay for the treatment you can pay “With the Heart,” which means that you pay what you are able, or want for the treatment.

Are you curious and would like to try it first? Ralf offers Distance Energy Healing for free every first, second and third day of the month.     Book here. 

With Light. With Love. Namaste. Welcome!